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I create websites in Webflow.

Webflow is a flexible platform that allows designers and developers to work visually on building websites. Webflow allows you as the owner of the website to change almost all elements of the page. You can go directly to each page to change text and images. This is perfect for a company that wants a flexible marketing website.

Webflow also has a powerful CMS system that allows you to easily build and update blogs, product pages, events, etc. The difference in the ease of use of Webflow vs Wordpress is great when it comes to updating content. You do not need any computer skills and there is little chance of making any mistakes.

Reasons to choose Webflow are:

  • User-friendly for you who want to run the site yourself
  • Very SEO friendly
  • The website will be fast and secure

Reasons not to use Webflow:

  • If you need an advanced online store
  • If you need advanced booking services
  • If you need very large databases

My Webflow history.

I have been creating pages in Webflow since 2015. Today it is the only platform I use for website development and the reason is simple: there is no more flexible and simpler platform. Without compromising on the quality of speed, security and SEO.

I have been part of Webflow's own exclusive Webflow Expert group since the day it was created. Because of this group, I also work a lot with companies in the USA and various countries in Europe, in addition to Norway.

Contact me to find out if Webflow is right for you.