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This Privacy Statement tells you how First Studio Design collects and uses personal information. The statement contains information that you require when collecting information from our website (Personal Information Act, section 19) and general information about how we treat personal data (section 18, section 1, paragraph 1 of the Personal Information Act (NOR)).

Processing of Personal Information at

The web editor has the daily responsibility for First Studio Design's personal data processing at, unless otherwise stated below. It is voluntary for those who visit the web sites to provide personal information related to services, such as receiving newsletters or submitting a job request via contact form. The treatment basis is the consent of the individual, unless otherwise specified.

Webflow and Hotjar is First Studio Design's data processor, and First Studio Design is itself the provider of website development and maintenance.

Information gathered in connection with site operation, stored on Webflow servers and / or sent to First Studio Design. Only First Studio Design, Webflow and Hotjar have access to the information collected. A separate data processing agreement between First Studio Design and Webflow regulates what information the provider has access to and how it should be processed.

Online Statistics

First Studio Design collects unidentified visitor information on The purpose of this is to develop statistics that we use to improve and further develop information services on the site. Examples of what the statistics provide is how many people visit different pages, how long the visit lasts, what websites users come from and what browsers are using.

The information is processed in an unidentified and aggregated form. Unidentified means that we can not track the information we collect back to the individual user. We collect the entire IP address, but the IP address is unidentified so that only the first three groups in the address are used to generate statistics. That is, if the IP address consists of the numbers, only 195.159.103.xx. is used. In addition, IP addresses are processed at aggregated level, that is, all data is merged into a group and not processed individually.

We use the Hotjar and Google Analytic analysis tool on our site. Information from this tool is not provided from First Studio Design to other actors.


Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer when you download a webpage.

The storage of information and processing of this information is not permitted unless both have been informed and consented to the treatment. The user must know and approve which information is being processed, what the purpose of the treatment is and who processes the information, cf. Electronic Communications Act ยง 2-7b.

The following cookies are used on

  • Hotjar Analysis Tool places six cookies on your machine (these start with _hj). This is done in order for us to collect statistics and is deleted after 365 days. Read more about Hotjar cookies here
  • Google Analytics analytics tool places cookies depending on settings on your machine. This is done to enable us to collect statistics. Read more about Google analytic cookies here
  • Our publishing solution (Webflow) also places cookies on your machine that are used when submitting forms.
  • The cookie message box puts a cookie on your machine. It is set to prevent you from getting the question and accepting multiple times.

Case handling and archives

First Studio Design uses Gmail and Google Drive archive and case processing systems with electronic record keeping electronic storage of documents. The CEO is delegated daily responsibility for the system and manual archive and that necessary procedures have been prepared for this.

First Studio Design processes personal data to fulfill the statutory tasks of the audit, for example. Personal Data Act, Administrative Act, Public Procurement Act and Archive Act.

Various types of personal data are recorded in the file and case processing system. This is information such as name, address, telephone number, email address (basic data) and other relevant information as stated in the inquiry. Registration, storage and storage are in accordance with the archives. The case documents can also contain sensitive personal information.

In case of access, personal information is disclosed in accordance with the Public Administration Act and the Public Administration Act.

Email and phone

First Studio Design uses email and telephone as part of its daily work to fulfill its statutory duties under the Personal Data Act and Administrative Act. First Studio Design where the email or phone call is received has the daily responsibility for processing personal information in this regard. Relevant information arising from telephone conversations and e-mail exchanges that occur as part of the case processing is recorded. This information is treated as described above (see "Case handling and archives").

Sensitive personal information must not be sent by e-mail.

We notify you that regular email is unencrypted. Therefore, we do not encourage you to send confidential, sensitive or other confidential information via email.

Phone calls (phone number from time to time, and time of the call) are logged with our telephone provider. This log is required for administration and operation of the system. If a phone call is linked to a single case, a note may be written after the conversation that is recorded. No other systematic registration of telephone conversations is made where the caller can be identified.


All who ask are entitled to basic information about personal data processing in a company pursuant to section 18, first paragraph, of the Personal Information Act. First Studio Design has provided this information in this statement and will refer it to any requests. Those registered in one of First Studio Design's systems are entitled to access to their own information. The person also has the right to request that incorrect, incomplete or information First Studio Design has no access to processing is corrected, deleted or supplemented. Claims from the registrant must be answered free of charge and no later than 30 days.


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